Help, I am not a fisherman.

Help, I am not a fisherman, I don't even touch worms, but I have a natural pond at my home in Bucks County with too much algae.  The salesmen at the local pet store told me I needed to catch some carp to eat the algae.  The pictures of the carp I found online were BIG FISH.    What size is the average carp?  How will I recognize Carp, it looks like every other generic fish.   If I can brave the worm, or beg someone to put the worm on the hook, where do I find them?  I live very near to the Churchville Reserviour, do they have carp there?  Where else can I go?  Do I need a fishing license?     

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Jessica & Angelo

Their are different species of carp, common, mirror, etc. Yoir probaly talking about common carp. You dont have to use worms, just use whole kernel corn or even a piece of white bread . Carp are very easily recognize from their mouth that is a sucker mouth they vaccum the bottoms of lakes ponds etc. Their scales can be a decent size in diameter from other freshwater species, average size carp i would say 7-20 lbs is pretty common here.  and also well my opinion is they almost like prehistoric. Check out google and type in common carp. By the way My profile picture is a carp. hope that helps.

Posted by Jessica & Angelo Elite Member over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

Thank you Jessica and Angelo, I really appreciate your response.  I just started reading up on carp, and I am surprised that the guy who sold me the 29 cents goldfsh, which are as small as minnos suggested I fish for carp.  I think Carp might be too big for my pond, perhaps I should stick with algea eating plants. 

Posted by Holly Onofrio over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

Tru Keesey

Tadpoles eat algae.  Rescue them from puddle that are goin to dry out.  They'll grow into frogs, who'll produce more tadpoles for you.

Posted by Tru Keesey over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

Tru Keesey

Goldfish are carp.

Posted by Tru Keesey over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

Aaron Bye

Goldfish are not carp they are goldfish.


There are many species of carp and yes they get large. Goldfish may work fine for you. In many states you would be breaking the law transporting fish caught out of a body of water to stock in a pond.

Posted by Aaron Bye Expert Member over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

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