What's a diehard northern fisherman do in the winter

Dennis Huskins

I would love to hear about what you all do in your off season. I wanted to start by showing you all a project from yesterday. There seems no way to attach a picture so I use the catch post to show it.

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Jessica & Angelo

Hey Dennis, 

I fish til about the first week of December (Winter Trout Stocking, but didn't buy a trout stamp this year) and pick back up in late Febuary depending on the weather. So, it's not a long wait. I will clean and lube all my fishing reels and rods including my fly rod and reel. I like to stock up on fishing equipment, (I only use a handful of lures) so its not much. I tie flies also. Next year or two during the winter will be a first for me, just getting into ball pythons I plan on breeding them, so it will be a havoc time during the winter months. 

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Tyler C

I usually hit the rivers for steelhead and trout or else I ice fish. It definitely isn't the same non-stop action that summer offers, but it is fun and helps with the withdrawls lol. This winter I will be working on restoring my boat as well so that I can be ready for offshore fishing in the Great Lakes once the ice melts.

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Aaron Bye

I look forward to Ice Fishing every year!

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We do something very "unique" Winter......... Sucker Giggin`! Yep........ quite Winter pastime here in Califon New Jersey. Just Google Sucker Gigging NJ to see images and to see us actually doing this on the ice go to SuckerGigging.com

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