Fishing in Sebring FL

I'm  fishing in Sebring FL and wanted to know what color and what type plastic baits are working best in the area. I would also like to knoe if there are any great places to fish from shore considering I don't have a boat at this time.

Posted by Roger Benjamin created over 6 years ago - last updated over 6 years ago
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Aaron Bye

You'll need to give more info on saltwater or freshwater, Species, Ect.


I suggest live/dead bait until you learn what is around. It will help your learning curve. If freshwater don't be afraid to use a couple rods with different baits. Bread, Minnows, worms, ???

Posted by Aaron Bye Expert Member over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

Yeah I live in central Florida so it is all fresh water mostly bass fishing here but I was looking for tips from locals to find out what caolors have been working well this time of year with all the cold fronts that have come through. I appreciate your tips but I already use about nine poles with everything from top water poppers to deep divers to artificials worms and lizards. The thing that gets me is always what color and pattern are they recently hitting on. Thank you very much. Someone at wal-mart told me to try the new berkley cherry seed powerbait and they seemed to work great tonight so I'll try them again tomorrow.

Posted by Roger Benjamin over 6 years ago - Report Abuse

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