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Dennis Huskins

I am stuck catching medium size bass. I'm not complaining, but I would like to tie into a 5-6-7 pounder. I know I fish in places that should have a few. But, I'm stuck on 18 inches and honestly about 2.5 to 3 pounds. If there is some bell shaped curve to these northern bass, I just should have had one nice big one by now. Any help would be appreciated. I've tried larger lures, more fishing in May, some night fishing, fishing the inshore slop, slow moving lures, lots of top-water. My last 300 bass have never exceded 20".

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member created over 5 years ago - last updated over 5 years ago
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Catching bigger ones is not easy, but think like a fish and you will. Bass are object-oriented so look for trees rocks docks etc that are near a drop in depth and have food. Isn't that where you would park if you were a big bass?

Posted by David Smith over 5 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

Very Sage advise! I really try to think like a fish. Where would I hide.? Where would my easy food come from? what is the best temperature. Where is shade when I need it mid-day?

But when I do this thinking and learn from each fish I catch, I still end up with medium sized bass.

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 5 years ago - Report Abuse

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