Hooked-in 2.0

Joe Pych

Hello Hooked-in supporters,

I'm working on a long overdue update to the website. I am just getting started and it's a big effort. I don't have a timeframe, but the goal is to launch before the new open water fishing season.

Please let me know... what do you LOVE and HATE about the current website?  Also, if you had a MAGIC WAND and could change one thing, what would it be?

- Joe

Posted by Joe Pych Elite Member created over 2 years ago - last updated 6 months ago
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Brian Shea

Sounds good Joe.

I want to thank you for this site. I love it. It actually changed the way I look at fishing.

If I had to change something it would be a search option for my own reports. Say I wanted to look up a shad that I caught a couple years ago. I would either have to go thru my reports page by page or search thru every shad reported by everyone. It would be nice if I could search Brian Shea American Shad and only my shad reports came up. 

But its no big deal. I love this site anyway it is

Posted by Brian Shea Elite Member over 2 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

I love the folksy comments and photos. I love to see the map where it all went down. I wish there were more discussions. I would love more members to comment. I think you should give points or rewards to each member who gets a new member to join. We should give credit for members getting together and fishing. 

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 2 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins


Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member about 1 year ago - Report Abuse

John A Wright

I don't have any suggestions really. Maybe an app would appeal to a larger demographic. I don't know what kind of work that would entail though. As far as the site I can't think of much. I am with Dennis with more active members. There are other fishing forums/sites that arent as feature heavy or user friendly as this, but they do well. I am excited to see what you come up with. Keep up the good work. 

Posted by John A Wright Elite Member about 1 year ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

Would love to have the google maps back

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member 11 months ago - Report Abuse

John Wright

I would like some sort of list with all the(most) species of fish that checks each species off as you post 1.

Posted by John Wright Elite Member 8 months ago - Report Abuse

Brian Shea

I agree with John Wright. I thought we had that a few years ago.

Posted by Brian Shea Elite Member 6 months ago - Report Abuse

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