Memorial Weekend fishin in proctorville! any useful info??

Jacob C.

hey fellow fishermen, i will be visiting proctorville this coming weekend and will most likely be doing some fishing in a creek by my father in laws house. can anyone tell me what type of fish i can expect to catch and/or what to use for a fishing set up? i was thinking about taking my small rod with a micro spinning reel 6 lb test. i like bass fishing and crappie is a lot of fun too. i have a bigger baitcasting combo but don't think that would be to good to use in the brush. besides i'm not looking to win any tournaments, just looking to have some fun and actually catch some fish. if someone can give me some tips on what baits and lures are good in the creeks in that area, i'd be greatful! i'll also post up some pics on this site if my trip is successful. thanks everyone!

Posted by Jacob C. created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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