Any tips for creek fishin in Ohio/West V.??

Jacob C.

i will be in proctorville (huntington, WV area) this weekend and i want to know what to expect. anyone have any tips or tricks for creek fishing in that area? i like bass fishing and crappie fishing. i was thinking about taking my lite microspinning combo. 6lb test and maybe some small crappie and bass jigs. not a big fan of using live bait or stink bait. i like to use lures. if you got some tips, please help. new member to the site but not a new member to fishin itself. thanks!

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Leslie Spencer

I'm about an hour from Proctorville in Ohio. I don't creek fish much but you should try some Ohio river fishing. The strippers seem to hit good on rooster tails. I hope you have a great time fishing in this area!

Posted by Leslie Spencer over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Jacob C.

i changed up my rig that i'm gonna bring. i bought an ugly stick combo last night, so i'll be a little more prepared if we do fish the river. but my fiance's dad has a couple hundred acres and a creek that runs thru it. its just off of the river so hopefully i'll have some luck. i'm really excited. thanks for the tip. and based on your pics, you got some great catches goin on up there. i need to start taking photos of my fish. thanks again

Posted by Jacob C. over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Susan Ovadia

If the creek drains into the river then possibly expect some nice cats. I'm Leslie's neighbor. Enjoy!

Posted by Susan Ovadia over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Graham Hardesty

topwaters doing real well the last couple of days in soft current off of banks but you can never go wrong with a white twisty tail and a colored jid head in a creek, good luck.

Posted by Graham Hardesty over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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