any top choices on fluorocarbon line?

Felipe Micklon

stren fluorocast sucks barely feel the hits and lost a big fish.first break off in 20 years......dam it .  is there anything out there even close to braid as far as feeling the hit and casting. I need something dependable for my finesse rigings.

Posted by Felipe Micklon Expert Member created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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Aaron Pierre

i heard alot of people were using berkleys 100% but i didnt seem to make strong knots for me so i went and bought the twenty dollar box of P-line's halo in 12 lb test and this stuff is very abrasion resistant and strong. good feeling for fish because the line is towards the stiff side and you might have a couple more birds nests than normal but i think its worth it. now im using 10 lb test and cant really tell a difference in strength but i does cast a tad better. it has awesome knot stength too. sufix makes some awesome mono so i been looking to try thier fluoro too.

Posted by Aaron Pierre Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Tim Hockensmith

I've used and tried just about everything out there in 25 + years and always seem to go back to Trilene family even in their flourocarbons, but I also change my line 2-3 times a year to avoid weakness... they all break down over time

Posted by Tim Hockensmith over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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