Monofilament issues????

AD37 .....

Ive been cranking with my ABUGARCIA bait caster, using 12LB monofilament Trilene. Very recenlty after a few birdnests, ive noticed small breaks in the line in the spool.  When i respool to straighten the line i get them out. However on a few casts afterwards the line SPONTANOUSLY SNAPPED!!! i LOST 2 Yo Zuri and one Excalibur crankbaits($$$$$$$)...Appreciate anyones input...Contemplating braided line???

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Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle

Stay away from braid on a baitcaster when it backlashes it bury it self  because of the diameter of it . First make sure BOTH of your breaks are set correctly. About your line issue are you pulling on the backlash to try to undo it ?  Picking the line will weaken the line significantly.  Try some Berkley big game it works great with proper break adjustment. You might  just have a old spool of line.  Just my two cents. Bob.

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AD37 .....

Yes, I have been pulling on the backlash at times...But when i push down on the spool release and slowly pull out the bird nest i see breaks in the line. The line is relatively new.. also i dont think I am tying my lures correctly, I was only Looping them i put at least 3 Loops through the circle....maybe im just picking on the line too much..or when i put my thumb on the spool to hold it down and turn the reel handle to tighten the spool...maybe thats it....losing expensive cranks SUCKS..and personally i DO NOT like spinning reels....once you figure out the baitcaster you dont want to go back to spinning...thanks Bob

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john Meatstick

i love braid on my baitcasters!

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Jacob C.

i hate to say it but after a huge birdnest (with any line) i usually just quickly respool. or have a backup rod n reel on hand. lures are expensive and so is line but at least with line you get more bang for your buck. and i agree about baitcasters. spinning reels are a headache unless you're baiting and sitting. baitcasters is where its at for lure fishing.

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Felipe Micklon

take your time and learn how to properly set up your reel to the lure that you are using. its not the line its how you are trying to cast. you cant wip a baitcaster like a spinning reel.if you dont wip it you wont bury and pinch the line.

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Ronald Knauff

I won't ever go back to mono on my baitcasting outfits.  I use power pro braid and love it!!  I agree with's how you are casting and using the brake systems on the reel.

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Team RippnLipz

This happened to me last year. I stopped using berkley lines, Try stren Original Or Sufix Siege. Its a hole lot better i made the switch and loving it, Believe me. I was a berkley line user for 10yrs. After i switched i wish i never used Berkley

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AD37 .....

i recently threw out ALL my berkely Monofilament...i respooled my baitcasters with spiderwire and powerpro--50 LB BRAID....although braid will SNAP...its nothing like the crap Berkeley/Trilene Mono line that snaps instantaneously.... 

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Henry V


They say patience is a virtue but a baitcasting reel can test it. I found the key is to calibrate the reel every time you change a lure.  When you put a new lure on the line open the brake and let the lure fall. It should fall at the speed of one foot per second. So hold the rod tip 4 feet from the ground and count "one mississippi, two..mississppi". If the lure touches the ground before you reach four, tighten the brake. If it falls after, loosen the break a little.

That's the thing about those reels: you have to adjust them to the weight of the lure. Otherwise you get those backlash nests.


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