Problems with the scum frog?

Raul S.

I went fishing yesterday and was using my scum frog in the weeds. I caught one and when I got it on the dock I  found that it practically swallowed it. We couldn't get it out so we took it home. Has anybody else had this problem with the scum frog?

Posted by Raul S. Expert Member created over 10 years ago - last updated over 10 years ago
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Felipe Micklon

hooks on a scum frog are kinda small for a double hook. just try not to let the fish run with it. if they run with it they start to swallow it. scum frog or not.

Posted by Felipe Micklon Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Only happens occassionally.  You gotta let 'em run a little, or you're gonna miss almost every fish.  I use a one up from the smallest size.  I use it in heavy "barf" to make a bigger impression, and I rarely get a bad hook-up.

Posted by Ron Gross over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

James Buonanno

I try not to use those types of frog because of that reason and the hook up ratio isnt that good for me anyway. I use frogs you have to actually rig up like a horny toad or buzz frog. with the single hook, i found that the single hook penatrates better. 

Posted by James Buonanno Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Dennis Huskins

Top water is great! Frogs are fabulous! and weedless is often a necessity! What else is there that you all like to use instead of the scum frog?

Posted by Dennis Huskins Elite Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle

I have to agree with James single hook frogs are the way to go even if they are swallowed they are easy to remove, moss frogs are a great bait.  Single hooks are the way to go I even remove the trebles on my rattle traps and certain crank bait and replace with a single hook so that I can get them as weedless as possible.  My two cents.

Posted by Greenes Custom Rods & Tackle Expert Member over 10 years ago - Report Abuse

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